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Manchester, Maine
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Fall Foliage Info

Note: This page will be updated once by the end of each day from late August to late October, which is the usual Foliage season here in Maine.


                            Current Foliage Conditions (Updated 10/30/21)
    (Image below Courtesy of Mainefoliage.com)
***The 2021 Fall Foliage season has now ended! See you next Season!***

Early Fall Images Around Central Maine

Leeds, Maine

Leeds, Maine

Phillips, Maine


Area Foliage Information...

   The fall foliage season in Maine begins during the first week of September. Color begins to make its first true appearance in far Northern Maine and in the Western Maine Mountains during that time, and gradually sinks southward with each passing day. Peak foliage for the majority of the state occurs between the last week of September through the second week of October. 

   Peak foliage here in Western Kennebec County (West-Central part of Zone 3 on map above) normally occurs between the 5th and 15th of October. The map above will continually update twice each week (Monday's and Thursday's) as Forest and Park rangers and state Forest Pathologists across New England continue to send updates in. Follow the link below on the Current Maine Foliage button I have created to view the full Maine Foliage page in more detail, or follow the other link I have created below for The Foliage Network's webpage, with color updates for all of the Northeast U.S. every few days on that website.

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