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Manchester, Maine
(Previously Monument Hill Weather in Leeds, ME)


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Weather Station Information
Weather Information is collected with the Davis Vantage Pro2 24HR FARS Wireless Weather station. I use a WeatherLink Live to collect data as well as 1 console.  My CWOP page will be updated once every 15 minutes, and my Weather Underground page will be updated once every 15 minutes. Data will be uploaded from my WeatherLink page to the main page on this site once every minute from the WeatherLink Live system. My call-sign on Weather Underground is KMEMANCH12. I upload my data to the Citizens Weather Observer Program (CWOP) who then sends the data to the National Weather Service, and two local weather stations (WMTW-8 and WGME-13). In addition I update precipitation totals for my area daily on CoCoRAHS.  I do have a Reolink RLC-410W 4.0MP IP webcam but it is currently not in use.

Also, please check out my YouTube Channel under my name 'Matthew Bilodeau' for some weather related videos as well as other adventures I am up to on a regular basis. Please like, subscribe, and share with others! I plan on doing regular video uploads. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Station Bio
The weather equipment is located at optimal positions to provide the most accurate readings possible. The location of this station is in Manchester, Maine at Longfellow's Greenhouses. The anemometer is mounted on top of our warehouse building about 30ft up. The compact temp/humidity sensor with the 24 hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield, and the rain gauge is mounted on a 1 3/4" galvanized pole bolted against a split-rail fence post along the edge of a field at an official height of 6 feet above the ground.
  • Station Location: We are located at an elevation of 236 feet above sea level just west of the capital city of Maine (Augusta), in the western portion of Kennebec County here in the central part of the state. This location is situated close to the transitional zone between the coastal plain and the foothills of western Maine. Some of the states most scenic mountains are found just 1 to 2 hours west of this region, in the Mahoosuc Range, a range which includes Sunday River Resort, and which also includes Maine's third tallest mountain, Old Speck, at 4,187 feet peak elevation. That area is known as Grafton Notch State Park. Another state park with similar qualities, Evans Notch State Park, is also only about 90 minutes to our WSW. One of the closest state parks to us is the Androscoggin Riverlands State Park, located in Turner Center along the Androscoggin River, about a 30 minute drive to our Southwest from this location.

  • About Manchester, Maine:
    Manchester is a town in Kennebec County, Maine, United States, located at 44.33°N 69.87°W. The population was 2,456 at the 2020 census. The southern part of the town bordering Cobbosseecontee Lake is a popular recreation spot in central Maine, and part of the Winthrop Lakes Region.
  • Highest Elevation = 666ft ASL (Monks Hill)
  • Lowest Elevation = 167 ft  ASL (Cobbosseecontee Lake)

My Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

The Vantage Pro2 with 24hr FARS features accurate, reliable weather monitoring with real-time data that updates every 2.5 seconds. Outside temperature and humidity sensors are housed in a 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield for maximum accuracy. The sensor suite also reports wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.

This personal website is strictly a hobby maintained for the information and enjoyment of residents of the greater Manchester, ME area. Its operator is a weather hobby enthusiast and not a meteorologist. Consult local, state and national professional weather services, such as the National Weather Service Gray, Maine office for complete weather information. The website is not affiliated in any way with the Town of Manchester municipal government. 

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