Western Maine Weather... Leeds, Maine

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Weather Station Information
Weather Information is collected with the Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather station (See pics below). I use my WeatherLink USB data logger in my Davis console connected to my Ambient Weather Weatherbridge system to upload data to the internet. Weather Data will be uploaded to my CWOP page once every 5 minutes, and to my Weather Underground page once every 5 seconds. Data will be uploaded from my PWS page to the main page on this site once every 5 minutes. My call-sign on Weather Underground is KMELEEDS7. I upload my data to the Citizens Weather Observer Program (CWOP) who then sends the data to the National Weather Service, and two local weather stations (WMTW-8 and WGME-13). In addition I update precipitation totals for my area daily on CoCoRAHS.  My webcam in use is a Reolink 4MP 1440P RLC-410W . The image is uploaded to my Weather Underground page, WGME-13, WMTW - 8, and this website. ***Webcam installed and up and running on the Homepage of this website as of 10/11/18! Check it out!***

Station Bio
The weather equipment is located at optimal positions to provide the most accurate readings possible. The location of this station is in Leeds, Maine. The anemometer is mounted at the top of our new Horse Barn in the middle of our field on a gable end mount. The actual height of the anemometer above the ground is 21 feet. The compact temp/humidity sensor and rain gauge is mounted on a separate 4"x 4" post in the open on flat ground using a satellite dish mount at the top of the post, placing the ISS at an official height of 6 feet above the ground.

Google Map of This Stations Location

586 Fish Street, Leeds, Maine
  • Station Location: We are located at an elevation of 404 feet above sea level just west of Monument Hill in Leeds, Maine; the northern end of a small town in the North-East corner of Androscoggin county in West/Central Maine. This location is situated in the transitional zone between the coastal plain and the mountains, an area referred to as the 'Western Foothills of Maine'. Some of the states most scenic mountains are found just 45 minutes to 1 hour west of this region, in the Mahoosuc Range, a range which includes Sunday River Resort, and which also includes Maine's third tallest mountain, Old Speck, at 4,187 feet peak elevation. That area is known as Grafton Notch State Park. Another state park with similar qualities, Evans Notch State Park, is also only about 50 minutes to our WSW. The closest state park is  Androscoggin Riverlands State Park, located in Turner Center along the Androscoggin River, about a 10 minute drive to our Southwest from this location. Part of the park also includes a portion of conservation land here in Leeds along the Androscoggin River.

  • About Leeds, Maine:
    The Town of Leeds was incorporated in 1801. The population was 2,326 at the 2010 consensus.  The small rural town holds interesting facts that few are aware of.  The town was named after Leeds England where John Stinchfield was born. His sons Thomas and Roger were the pioneer settlers of Leeds Maine. 'General Oliver Otis Howard' ."  - Leeds Town Office
  • Highest Elevation = 665 ft ASL (Monument Hill)
  • Lowest Elevation = 271 ft  ASL (Androscoggin Lake & Androscoggin River)

My Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

Above: My Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station setup when it was mounted as an all in one unit (before I got my anemometer transmitter kit and the new 24hr FARS ISS). This station location at the time of this photo was on top of the highest bluff in our field where the most wind exposure from all directions is found. The anemometer sits 21 feet above the ground currently, and has great exposure from all directions. I now have a new station ISS which has the 24 hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield, and it also has the new Aerocone (the picture above was taken before the new ISS purchase) with optional bird spikes to prevent nesting birds from making their home in the rain gauge. The temp/humidity shield sits 6 ft above the ground, and the top of the rain gauge is at 6.5ft above the ground in its current location.
The closest obstruction to the station is the trees seen in the picture, which are actually over 100ft away and are about 70ft tall. With this in mind, this is the absolute best location for the weather station in our yard. The entire ISS is mounted solidly on a 9 foot tall 4" x 4" wooden post driven 3ft into the ground, using a satellite dish mount.

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