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8/23/19 - 8:55PM - An early fall-like pattern will set up this weekend for our area with daytime high temps remaining in the upper 60's and nighttime lows dropping down into the 40's and even some 30's in the mountain valleys to our northwest. There will be a nice NW breeze each day as well making it feel even cooler at times. The leaves will start to change in the north Maine woods and mountains before we know it!

8/19/19 - 8:26AM - The beginning of the 2019 Fall Foliage season in Maine is now just a couple of weeks away! I will begin updating my Fall Foliage Page once daily beginning at the end of this month, lasting until early November. My favorite time of the year (next to Winter of course!). Don't forget to check back regularly to see the progression of color of the trees on my webcam on this homepage.

8/08/19 - 7:32AM - We received over half an inch of much needed rain last night, and a bit more is possible throughout the day today. Cooler temps will be the rule over the next week or so as well, a welcome change from the heat and humidity we had been seeing through most of July and early August.

8/05/19 - 12:33PM - There was a feel of fall in the air early this morning with low temps in the low to mid 40's in our area. Some mountain valleys just to our Northwest were in the upper 30's. We typically get our first frost in typically a little over a month from now. It definitely feels like late summer with warm, dry days and cool nights. We need rain however, it is very dry! Some rain is possible mid-week this week.

7/21/19 - 1:35PM - Today will be the last day of this excessive heat and humidity. Tomorrow will still be warm and a bit humid before some rain is likely tomorrow night. This upcoming week looks like great summer weather.

7/17/19 - 9:29PM - Tomorrow will be a beautiful day with low humidity and temps in the 70's, but then the real heat kicks in for this weekend. Saturday will be one of the hottest days we've seen in a long time, with high temps in the low 90's and dew points in the low to mid 70's. Not ideal weather for us Mainers at all. Thankfully we only have to deal with this a few times each summer.

7/14/19 - 9:20PM - The great summer weather continues on. Low temps have been cool at night with warm temps in the 80's during the day. We've had plenty of rain which is keeping things green. This coming week looks warm with numerous chances of showers and storms.

7/06/19 - 9:22PM - We had quite the storm again this afternoon with lots of lightning and very heavy rain. We received 1.31" of rain in 20 minutes, and although we did not lose power at our house many people around us did, with some damage reported and a large tree down across a nearby road due to a direct lightning strike. Thankfully these storms were the leading edge of much cooler, drier air which will be a nice change over the next few days.

7/02/19 - 9:33PM - It's amazing what just a few weeks can do. We are now in the middle of a stretch of summer hear (by Maine standards) with highs in the mid to upper 80's and dew points in the 60's. We are still seeing plenty of showers and t-storms however, but should stay dry over the next few days at least. Happy early 4th of July to everyone!

6/17/19 - 9:13PM - We have yet to have any summer heat, and haven't had any thunderstorms yet this year either. It has been a wet, cool spring, but the pattern seems to be finally warming up a bit and becoming drier, with rain now happening once every few days. Everything sure is green this year so far with all the rain we've received.

5/18/19 - 7:27AM - I'll be playing around with my webcam settings again over the next couple of days so the cam image on this page may not update for a little while. It'll be back up hopefully by early next week, but possibly as soon as later today.

5/14/19 - 7:02PM - It's mid-May and our high temp today was 43F! And on top of that we had some wet snow mixing in with the rain this morning! It has been such a cold, wet spring. It has to warm up at some point...

4/28/19 - 8:26PM - We finally saw a bit of sun today with some more sun on the way for tomorrow. It has been a very chilly and damp stretch over the past few weeks. But all of this rain should really help to green things up once the sun comes out and warms things up a bit more.

4/18/19 - 6:21AM - I moved my webcam from the second story window to underneath our back deck looking at our back yard. There were a couple reasons for this, but the biggest one was I wanted to be able to use the cameras IR nighttime function that it has, which I was not able to use where I originally had it because it was behind the glass window and would not work. Now it is mounted outside where it works and gives a good shot our our backyard day and night. Check it out at night when you get a chance. No lights are on for the image, it's just the Infrared image the camera produces.

4/14/19 - 6:58PM - Unless we get another rogue snow event, the 2018/2019 snowfall season has now ended. There will be no more updates to my snowfall page until next season unless we get more snow this spring. It was another season over 100"!

4/10/19 - 8:33PM - 2.0" of new snow last night and our snow depth made it back up just under a foot once again, here in almost mid-April! It looks and feels like winter still out there. The snow should melt away quickly over the next few days though with temps by Saturday possibly pushing well into the 60's! Spring has to come at some point.

4/08/19 - 5:32PM - Winter has returned! We've picked up 5.0" of snow so far today with a snow/sleet mix falling currently. Another 1-3" is expected tomorrow night, and then eyes will be on the potential for another snow event next Monday. It was almost 60F yesterday and now snow. Typical spring in Maine!

4/04/19 - 4:42PM - With the small bit of snow this AM we've surpassed 100" season snowfall total once again this year, and a bit more looks to be on the way for Friday night into early Saturday.

4/03/19 - 4:34PM - We had a bit of April snow this morning and now temps are well into the 40's! Its definitely spring in Maine. The snow is melting away fast, although out in the woods there is still 1-2'. It will go away pretty quickly over the coming weeks.

3/23/19 - 10:49AM - We picked up just over a half an inch of rain on top of the 1.2" of snow we received yesterday, which melted away that new snow and really started to deplete the snowpack in many areas. Most south facing hills and open areas are melting down fast. Today with sun and temps in the low to mid 40's we should see a decent amount of additional melting. It will be windy with NW gusts to 40MPH. Happy Maine Maple Weekend! Maine Maple Sunday is tomorrow, but many sugar houses are open today as well. Go to Get Real Maine for more info.

3/22/19 - 6:20AM - Today's storm is trending colder and now we could see 1-3" of wet snow. Even though it will begin to warm into the mid 30's we may still see big wet snow falling but after about noon we shouldn't see much more additional accumulation. Liquid equivalent with this storm will be in the 1-2" range. Winds will be gusty out of the East as well.

3/14/19 - 8:44AM - I just put button links to my Weather Facebook page and my YouTube Channel on this homepage and at the bottom of my About page. Please check them out, like and subscribe as I will be doing my best to post new updates on the FB page and new videos on the YouTube page any chance that I get!

3/14/19 - 7:39AM - We picked up more snow last night than expected. We received 3.5" of fresh snow when we were only expecting a coating at most. Snow depth is at 27.5" now. Winter won't let go! Temps should warm into the mid to upper 40's the next 3 days however which should start some good melting.

3/04/19 - 1:54PM - We picked up 5.5" of new snow in this most recent storm, and our current snow depth is now up over 30". The warmer March sun feels great when it does come out, and we will likely be tapping our maple trees very soon once things warm up enough. There's a lot of snow on the ground this syruping season again!

2/25/19 - 6:44AM - We picked up another 1.5" of snow this morning in snow squalls. Now we wait for the wind to pick up!

2/24/19 - 5:14PM - We saw snow to a mix of sleet and freezing rain today with 2.0" of accumulation. It is now freezing drizzle with a temp sitting at 32F. The next weather headline will be high winds tonight through tomorrow. We will see westerly wind gust exceed 50MPH over the next 24 hours which may lead to power outages. A Wind Advisory has been issued for this reason.

2/15/19 - 5:37PM - It stayed colder than expected today and for that reason we received more snow then expected. We picked up 2.5" before the changeover to freezing rain/drizzle, which is still falling at this time. Temps are still around 30F. It was supposed to get up into the low 40's today! Guess not! Good news for winter sports for this upcoming week. 2+ft of snow on the ground going into the weekend!

2/14/19 - 9:34AM - Another 1.1" of snow last night from snow showers/squalls through the night. Snow depth is now just over 2 feet. Great snowpack heading into school vacation week for all outdoor winter activities. Snowmobile trails are great and skiing is at its best right now with comfortable temps expected over the next week as well. The Turner Ridge Riders One Lunger 100 race is in two days! See the Turner Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club tab below (to the left side of this page) for more info.

2/13/19 - 5:26PM - We ended up with a solid 10.0" of snow with this storm. We had some sleet mix in at times but it remained mainly snow for the entire storm.

2/10/19 - 6:47PM - Our next snowstorm is on the way for Tuesday night through the first half of Wednesday. We should see 8-12" with this one. Hoping this one stays all pure snow, with most storms so far this year mixing with sleet/freezing rain. It has been a very odd winter. Stay tuned for updates.

2/06/19 - 7:54PM - Wow! Almost 60F yesterday (59F to be exact!), and now over the next 36 hours we will be seeing nearly all types of possible precipitaion, with snow/sleet tonight (1-3"), a lull with spotty freezing drizzle tomorrow, and then heavier sleet/freezing rain and then rain tomorrow night into Friday morning. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for this reason.

1/28/19 - 5:06PM - A Winter Storm Warning has now been issued for our area for tomorrow evening through Wednesday morning for 6-10" of snow. Plan on a messy Wednesday morning commute.

1/25/19 - 3:55PM - Over the past 36 hours we picked up 2.06" of rain!!! It really put a dent in our snowpack and made everything wet with flooding all around. Now things are freezing back up solid which is making quite a mess. We need new snow on top of this ice to freshen the winter sports back up. Maybe next Tuesday/Wednesday. Stay tuned!

1/20/19 - 12:20PM - Precip has now changed over to mainly sleet, and the wind is picking up as well. We've picked up 11.0" so far but lots of drifting is making it hard to measure, and with sleet falling now additional accumulation will be minimal unless it changes back to snow. We're hoping the sleet changes back to snow soon!

1/19/19 - 8:05PM - A Winter Storm Warning has now been issued for our area.

1/17/19 - 7:50PM - A Winter Storm Watch has now been issued for our area for 7PM tomorrow through 7PM Sunday evening. Forecasts right now are calling for anywhere between 1-2 feet of snow before all is said and done with this storm. Blizzard-like conditions are possible during the day Sunday. Stay tuned over the coming days for forecast updates.

1/16/19 - 6:50PM - It's looking more and more likely that a foot or more of snow is on the way for Saturday night through Sunday, with strong winds and very cold temperatures. Blizzard like conditions are looking possible. Stay tuned to the forecast over the coming days for updates to the forecast.

1/14/19 - 8:08PM - We've fallen below 0F for the past few nights and may once again tonigh. Some light snow (2-4") is on the way for Friday, but all eyes are on the possibility of a major snowstorm for our area for this weekend (Saturday night through Sunday). Stay tuned for updates!

1/09/19 - 7:51PM - We woke up to a heavy glaze of ice on everything this morning followed by a few more inches of snow that fell during the day today. Now temperatures are dropping and the wind is ramping up and will gust up to 40MPH tomorrow as temperatures continue to plummet for the next few days. With all of the icing and wet snow today my anemometer is frozen up currently. I'm hoping it thaws out enough to start spinning again tomorrow. Until then, no wind readings will show up.

1/08/19 - 8:06PM - We received 2.0" of snow this morning before the precip tapered to just freezing drizzle for the remainder of the day today. Now we are seeing sleet and freezing rain with temps holding in the mid 20's. This will continue into tomorrow AM before changing back to snow where we could see another 3-6" before all is said and done. Then the wind picks up Thursday and arctic air moves in after that for a few days.

1/03/19 - 5:04PM - We picked up 3.8" of snow this morning and now we're keeping an eye on the possibility of a major Nor'easter Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. Stay tuned for updates!

1/01/19 - 5:14AM - Happy New Year! We started off the new year with 4" of snow before things warmed up and it melted down a bit. More light snow is on the way for Thursday (1-3"). It is quite windy out there as well with a peak gust today of 41MPH.

12/29/18 - 5:14AM - We never made it above freezing yesterday or last night and have about 1/4" of ice accretion on everthing this morning, with accretion still building as we are seeing freezing fog currently and a temp sitting between 30-31F. Temps should spike this morning to around 40F before falling through the day on stiff NW winds.

12/28/18 - 12:24PM - We picked up 3.0" of new snow this morning before things changed over to sleet and now freezing rain with a current temp of 27F. It will continue to warm up through the day and any freezing rain will change over to plain rain by days end. No big snow or brutal cold in sight.

12/25/18 - 8:43AM - Merry Christmas to all!

12/22/18 - 6:55PM - We picked up 1.73" of rainfall over the past 2 days and nearly all of our snowpack has melted away from the rain and temps in the 50's the past 2 days! It looks like a green Christmas for us this year! It will be cold going forward though, but no snow in sight until possibly next Thursday. Stay tuned for updates!

12/20/18 - 6:36AM - A Winter Weather Advisory has now been issued for our area for freezing rain tonight into about mid-morning tomorrow morning, for 0.10" to 0.25" of ice accretion before temps warm up and things change over to plain rain. We are expecting to see 1"-3" of rain with this next storm and temps possibly near 50F! Gusty SE winds will be an issue Friday night as well. A Flood Watch has been issued for rapid rises of area streams and rivers due to the heavy rainfall and rapid snowmelt. This storm may completely wipe out our current snowpack making for a green/brown Christmas this year.

12/15/18 - 7:55PM - Temps have moderated over the past day or two and will remain warmer over the next week. Some light snow is likely on Monday, and then we may see a rain storm :( come next Friday. That won't be good for our current snowpack leading into what was originally looking like a White Christmas, but may not end up being so if that forecast holds. We will see...

12/10/18 - 8:08PM - The cold weather continues with lows running in the single digits F and highs making it only into the teens and low 20's. It will remain quiet as well with our next storm not expected until possibly this coming weekend, and temps may end up warming up just in time for that storm to arrive, leading to a messy mix and rain! What an odd winter it has been so far.

12/05/18 - 8:14PM - Mid-winter cold temperatures will continue over the next week but no storms are in sight. Long range models point to a warm-up by mid-month with high temps possibly making it into the 40's for a while. We'll have to wait and see if this holds true. If so, our current snowpack could be in jeoprady of melting away before Christmas. It sure doesn't feel like it will right now however with a temp sitting at 15F as I write this.

11/30/18 - 7:58PM - More messy weather is on the way for tomorrow night into Sunday. We are expecting 1-2" of snow before things change over to sleet and freezing rain, and then plain rain by mid-morning on Sunday. We won't see much rain, but enough to make our current snowpack very wet. More melting on Monday followed by the return to winter thereafter.

11/27/18 - 4:37PM - Our snowfall total is 7.2", and although some rain/snow is still falling and will likely flip back to plain snow before the precip wraps up tonight, not much more accumulation is expected.

11/27/18 - 8:17PM - Snow has begun to fall here in Leeds. We are expecting anywhere from 5-10" by tomorrow afternoon when this storm wraps up. I am away from home for the majority of the day tomorrow but will be home to update snowfall totals in the evening.

11/25/18 - 3:32PM - After snow freezing rain this morning and warmer temps near freezing today, We become more wintry beginning tomorrow. A Winter Storm Watch has now been issued for our area for 8" to 14" of snow tomorrow evening through Tuesday evening. Stay tuned for updates!

11/22/18 - 8:30PM - Happy Thanksgiving! It sure doesn't feel like Thanksgiving around here as we have set a new record low temp for this date (2F) and a new record low high temp for this date (12F)! With winds gusting to 30MPH+ all day we had lots of drifting snow and wind chills well below 0F all day. It feels more like January!

11/21/18 - 6:19PM - We picked up 4.2" of snow yesterday and then another 1.2" this evening in the snow squalls that passed through. They were intense, with gusty winds as well. Now the arctic air is moving in!

11/19/18 - 6:01PM - A Winter Weather Advisory has now been issued for our area for 3-6" of snow tomorrow morning through tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for updates!

11/15/18 - 7:35AM - A Winter Storm Warning has now been issued for our area for 6-10" of snow tonight through tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for updates! Meanwhile, our low temp this morning was 9.1F! Winter has definitely arrived!

11/14/18 - 3:48PM - We are now under a Winter Storm Watch for our Snowstorm expected on Thursday night into most of the day Friday for 6-10" of snow possible. Stay tuned for updates!

11/13/18 - 6:37PM - We picked up another 2.5" of new snow this morning before things changed over to some freezing rain and then plain rain (1.36" of liquid equivalent). We are now under a Wind Advisory for tonight through tomorrow for strong NW winds up to 50MPH. Tomorrow will be brutally cold for this time of the year.

11/10/18 - 5:35AM - 2.0" of new snow overnight. Now just rain showers and gusty winds this morning. Winds will ramp up even more this PM and turn towards the west.

11/06/18 - 4:52AM - Today will be damp and chilly, then a warm day tomorrow before things start to cool off. Next week the pattern looks like it'll shift to a much colder and possibly whiter pattern?! Winter may get off to an early start this year around here! Stay tuned and keep checking back on the webcam to see when snow finally covers the ground.

10/30/18 - 11:02AM - After our recent cold snap and multiple light snow events, temperatures will moderate over the next week or so with highs in the 40's and 50's, but the weather will remain active with rain expected each day after Wednesday of this week. The leaves have all dropped with the exception of the oaks, which tend to hang on tough until mid-November. Hunting season in now underway.

10/18/18 - 5:28AM - SNOW!!! We had our first snow as a squall came through around 3AM this morning. It was enough to put a dusting down on all colder surfaces. Now we're just waiting for the wind to ramp up!

10/17/18 - 9:02PM - A Wind Advisory is up for tomorrow for wind gust throughout the day of over 40MPH. It will be a cold day as well with high temps remaining in the 30's, with wind chills in the teens. Some snow flurries may even be in the air from time to time, with accumulating snow likely in the western Maine mountain notches! Winter is on its way!

10/11/18 - 2:50PM - My new webcam is now installed. Check it out above! It's a 4MP HD Reolink IP camera that updates once per minute (just refresh your browser for the latest image). And its up just in time for peak foliage season here!

10/05/18 - 7:02AM - We are under a Freeze Warning for tonight as temps are expected to drop into the upper 20's to around 30F. We have already dropped to 31F a couple weeks ago, so our growing season has already ended, but any areas around that didn't see those cold temps will likely see them tonight.

10/04/18 - 7:50AM - The rainy weather continues for a welcome change as we definitely needed it! And now the fall foliage is rapidly emerging with northern Maine and the mountains now in peak conditions. We are seeing moderate color in our region, with peak color expected for us within the next week or two.

9/26/18 - 8:19AM - We picked up 1.15" of rain over the past 24 hours. It is foggy and drizzling this morning but should brighten up through the day before we have to watch for Severe T-storms this evening as a strong cold front approaches from the west!

9/25/18 - 10:24AM - The growing season has officially ended here in Leeds, ME with a low temp last night of 31.8F. We were at or below freezing for a good portion of the night. Rain is moving in today, and we should see between 1 and 2" by the end of the day tomorrow.

9/22/18 - 2:26PM - Frost Advisories and Freeze Warnings are up for our area for tonight, and likley tomorrow night as the coldes airmass of the season moves in on stiff NW winds today. We have already had a frost, but a heavier frost is likely over the next few nights with much cooler daytime highs as well. With the leaves changing colors now, it really does feel like fall on this first day of the new season.

9/19/18 - 4:01PM - The leaves are starting to change colors quickly now, and with more seasonable temps on the way into the forseeable future the colors should really start to show up over the next few weeks. We would like to see some rain however as it continues to remain very dry!

8/29/18 - 5:38PM - This heat can go away any time now. It's nearly September, which means cooler temps should be on our doorstep, so hopefully this heat and humidity we are seeing now is short lived. We are also still in need of rain as it remains very dry.

8/21/18 - 3:20PM - My new ISS with the 24 hr FARS came in earlier today. It is now installed in place of my old ISS with the standard radiation shield, and I will keep that one in storage as a back-up. I'm anxious to see the difference with this new and improved ISS! Fall foliage season is right around the corner here in Maine. Foliage page updates will begin on this site within the next week or so.

8/11/18 - 6:57AM - I've purchased a new VP2 ISS with the 24hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield, which will provide the most accurate temp/humidity readings going forward. I hope to have it by the end of this week.

8/06/18 - 8:37PM - I've been experimenting with different software, and have also moved my sensors in even better locations for optimal accuracy. I'm looking into purchasing the 24hr Davis FARS radiation shield for my temp/humidity sensor for better accuracy there as well. On another note, the hot and humid summer weather continues here in central Maine.

7/07/18 - 9:10PM - Although our region is now classified under a moderate drought, we have received over 3 inches of rain over the first 7 days of the month of July from thunderstorms here in Leeds, ME, while immediate surrounding areas have seen much less if any at all. We've been the lucky ones over the past week with showers & storms. Lets hope that continues! Things are so green from all the rain currently!

6/07/18 - 7:36PM - We've finally seen some rain over the past few day, and although it only totaled 0.40", we will take it as we barely saw any rain all of last month. Not much more is in the forecast however though, and we need a lot more.

5/31/18 - 8:38PM - It continues to dry out more and more as we are now on our way to drought conditions. Some showers and storms are possible tomorrow afternoon as a more humid airmass moves in for a day, something we have not seen yet this year. Hopefully we get some decent rain in showers and storms tomorrow!

5/15/18 - 9:10AM - It's starting to dry out around here. We are in need of some rain, and it looks like we may see some showers and storms throughout the day today. If we do get some rain the leaves should really start to pop out on the trees.

4/27/18 - 7:44AM - We picked up 2.21" of rain over the past 36 hours, and we should see a bit more later today and into tonight. Warmer temps will return mid-week this coming week.

4/25/18 - 4:22PM - We saw our first 70F temp yesterday, with a high of 72F! Rain is expected tonight which should melt the last of the snow piles that are still around. Even warmer temps, possibly near 80F, are likely mid next week. Spring has finally arrived.

in the low 20's and strong winds. Another snowstorm on the way for Friday. Stay tuned!

4/19/18 - 4:28PM - Spring may finally be here with high temps possibly reaching 60F early next week! After the snow/ice and cold temps that we have continued to experience, the warmer weather will be nice. Most of the snow has now melted other than in the shaded areas.

4/11/18 - 6:51AM - We picked up an inch of snow late yesterday evening as some snow showers/squalls came through. It will melt away quickly today however with high temps expected to reach the mid to upper 40's.

4/06/18 - 8:22PM - We're up to 4.1" of snow so far and its still snowing lightly. Not much more accumulation is expected however. Another small overacheiving storm!

4/06/18 - 5:31PM - Steady snow is falling currently and we've already picked up 1.5"! And it's April 6th. Spring is not ready to show up just yet. We should end up with between 2" and 3" with this event, which will be over by later this evening.

4/01/18 - 5:51PM - Happy Easter to all! The snow is melting fast in the now strong April sun and these temps in the 40's to near 50. It's finally starting to look and feel like spring.

3/28/18 - 12:22PM - The warmer weather over the next few days (with rain tomorrow night) looks like it won't last, and winter battles back for next week with high temps struggling to get out of the 30's, which is well below normal for what will be the first week of April. A few shots at some light snow/mixed precip looks possible next week as well. Stay tuned.

3/25/18 - 5:07PM - We picked up 2" of new snow overnight last night in some heavy snow squalls that came through. On and off snow showers continued for part of today.

3/23/18 - 7:53AM - The most recent storm stayed well to our south. No snow from this one for us. Our snow depth is still over 2ft. We will see some snow showers/light snow Saturday/Saturday night as a cold front comes through. More spring-like temperatures in the 40's look possible finally for most of next week, leading up to Easter. Some rain is even possible Thursday of next week.

3/20/18 - 8:44PM - This next Nor'easter will mainly stay well to our south, as we should only see maybe an inch or two of snow overnight tomorrow night. Cold temperatures will prevail into at least the next week however. Spring doesn't want to show up just yet!

3/16/18 - 5:36PM - Arctic air is on the way once again. High temps will remain in the 20's over the next few days, with lows dropping down into the single digits. We are still watching the potential for yet another Nor'easter next week (Wednesday/Thursday timeframe). Stay tuned!

3/14/18 - 5:16PM - We ended up with 20" of new snow from this most recent Nor'easter. Our current snow depth is just under 4ft and our season total is now up over 120"! And that's with what was a very quiet January and February! Plenty of snow out there now for outdoor winter activities!

586 Fish Street, Leeds, ME